If you had the chance – would you study Physics with Einstein? Probably.

Or talk electrical engineering with Nikola Tesla? Absolutely.

If you had the chance – would you work with the inventors of the proximity switch for your automation project? You can with Pepperl+Fuchs!

Pepperl+Fuchs was born of innovation.

They are the folks who invented the proximity switch. Game-changing innovation.

Sensors (and whole industries) exist thanks to Pepperl+Fuchs.

Automation is not just their history – it’s who they are.

Pepperl+Fuchs is known around the world as a pioneer in sensor technology and continues to grow worldwide and lead the field in innovation.

Automation is not their past – it’s their passion. Partner with a company known for inventing the “better mousetrap.”

Headquartered in Twinsburg, OH, and Mannheim, Germany. Visit their website.

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