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Experienced Innovation Scout


Customer Focused Problem-Solver

Trusted Queen of Follow Through

Embraces Change

“All In” For All Of It

Kirk Thorne
Experienced Innovation Scout

Kirk Thorne, Founder and Owner of RM Elec Spec, understands.

He understands the industry and how each job and every relationship is unique. More than 25 years in the middle of it all tends to do that for a person.

He understands the in’s and out’s of electrical automation, end users, product options, deadlines, budgets, sales support, manufacturers, and distributors.

But more importantly he understands the value of helping a company solve problems, get started, or innovate to save money, time, and space. That’s why he aligns himself with the innovators in the field, the top-tier manufacturers.

Tried and true is great. But Kirk rejects “tired and true”. Kirk knows some solutions were fine years or even decades ago, but in many cases improved solutions exist and RM Elec Spec uncovers them.

Recently RM Elec Spec shared a new higher density product with a customer and eliminated their need to demolish walls and expand their facility into their parking lot, saving them much more than just millions of dollars.

Kirk loves learning something new each day. He thrives on the variety of diverse industries, unique applications, and genuinely enjoys the “really great people” in the industry.

He spends his spare time landscaping (with The White Album on shuffle), talking aviation with friends, or watching his kids play sports at high school and next year, the United States Air Force Academy.

Tim Spath
Customer Focused Problem-Solver

From state-of-the-art aerospace simulation labs to a 400-unit project, Tim Spath uses his skillful hands and his resourceful mind to solve problems. Quickly and accurately.

There is not a lot of room for error in the Aerospace and electrical automation world and Tim is just fine with that. He likes to anticipate needs and craft a plan to get the job done right.

Whether that was as a ramp tower controller for United Airlines, wearing a tool belt as an electrician, or as an inside rep for Gexpro (formerly GE Supply), Tim helps others.

“I just believe in getting the job done.”

“I have experience in installation, estimating million-dollar projects, and working for a distributor in the industry for 10 years. I want to do the best I can to communicate with customers to help them be efficient and maximize profit, to educate them about products, offer options, and help in anyway I can.”

Tim likes working at RM Elec Spec because it really is a team! “We work hard together and treat each other well – that even includes the company dogs.” Tim also says, he likes to use humor with my co-workers, but “I’m not sure they would agree that’s a plus.”

Tim loves to travel with his wife who is his high school sweetheart and best friend. Tim loves learning the culture of others to share an even greater respect and love for all mankind. Tim and his wife also love spending time with their grown kids.

Life motto: “Little strokes fell great oaks.” – Benjamin Franklin

Tim believes if you just keep at it, you can do great things.

Give Tim a call if you have a question, need help with anything, or want to hear from an experienced, positive, problem solver.

Patty Gaines
Trusted Queen of Follow Through

Not wild about tooting her own horn (or admitting to almost three decades in Customer Service), Patty loves to make life easier for her customers. She is known for her positive attitude, jack-of-all-trades abilities, and take-it-to-the-bank reliability. “If we say we’ll do it, we’ll do it.”

Patty breathes customer care. She received accolades and top awards for workflow improvement early in her career at Moore Business Forms supporting a $20 million account for their largest client; Sears Roebuck & Co. Patty’s practices became the company’s “best practices” implemented across divisions. The same is true today at RM Elec Spec.

Patty loves working with the team at RM Elec Spec because they take tremendous care of the customer. She can’t imagine working any other way. They add value, guarantee their work, and make life easier for their special customers.

Patty loves the fast-pace, variety, and service attitude at RM Elec Spec. She also loves watching her kids play sports, going to movies, concerts, and being “crafty”. As a child in an Air Force family, she lived many places and attended high school in Madrid, Spain.

Eric Carlson
Embraces Change

“The only thing constant is change.” Eric can’t take credit for that quote, but change is the main thing he likes about the industry. “It is so exciting to have daily, behind-the-scenes involvement with companies and engineers on the cutting edge of ‘recreating the wheel.’”

Eric has over twenty years of experience working with engineers, Fortune 100 to 500 companies and manufacturers seeing to their needs, their applications and product integration. Ever-changing technology, regulations, and the merging of never-thought-of processes makes every day an exciting day.

“It’s my responsibility to bring awareness, to thoroughly understand, and apply the best product and technological advancement for implementation for an application-need today.”

Eric began his career at 15 years old with Fitzpatrick Electric Supply in the warehouse, so Eric knows firsthand pretty much every aspect of manufacturing.

In moments of selfishness, you’ll catch Eric, his wife, and kids riding dirt bikes and ATV’s in the mountains, camping, and creating adventures in the wilds of Colorado

Steve Petrovich
“All In” For All Of It

Steve Petrovich is “all in”.

That’s a phrase Steve uses when he talks about clients and RM Elec Spec. He’s quick to say, “there are people who know more than I do, but there is no one out there who will work harder.” Any question, any job, any challenge, Steve employs all resources until the client is undeniably pleased. Steve is “all in”.

Steve is dedicated to sharing superior products with everyone. He figures out a way to help beyond expectations. He’s loyal and honest and appreciates his new home with RM Elec Spec because their consummate ethical standards match his.

One of Steve’s favorite quotes by Vince Lombardi sums up his attitude every day,

“The dictionary is the only place that success comes before work. Work is the key to success, and hard work can help you accomplish anything.”

Steve has already accomplished a lot in his 15 years in the industry. But Steve being Steve, he is always eager to learn more, help others, and meet more people.

Steve enjoys his season tickets to the University of Utah football games, watching sports on TV, and chasing a little white ball around the links.